About Us

Welcome to Designer2Buyer.com (D2B), the wholesale platform for sustainable & ethical e-commerce. 


We connect brands and stores from all around the world and promote shared social, environmental and ethical values. We provide brands with an online platfrom to present their products and provide stores with a simple platform to discover brands and place orders easily.


Our platform is based on mutual success: no subscription fees, no limited features; D2B is an open network; a meeting-place where brands and stores connect.

As social innovators, when we witnessed the pollution, the exploitation and the waste embedded in the current industry, we decided to take an action. We developed a marketplace that creates the opportunity to organically grow, while being part of a global community dedicated to strengthening conscious fashion.


We invite brands and stores to be a part of our global network and assist in paving the way to fast wholesale growth. We enable digitalization of the entire wholesale buying experience, maximizing international exposure.


During the last several years, D2B’s founder, Ori Lahat serves as the CEO of an NGO dedicated to empowering the marginalized African refugee community in Israel. The social, ethical and environmental missions of D2B are enrooted in Ori’s ideology to generate change in the fashion industry, in its community building and its contribution to our society. We welcome you to join us.


As part of our global responsibility, and in addition to our sustainability declaration, D2B is committed to donating 5% of profits to causes decided every year by our community of users – this is our commitment to you